Sunday, January 11, 2015

Samplers and Stars

I have quilted a number of beautiful sampler quilts.

This was a store sample that I quilted for Country Cloth in Angels Camp
Close up of quilting.

I just love the colors of this sampler.

This was an I-Spy quilt, and a lot of fun to work on!

What do you spy?

Star quilt in lovely victorian colors.

Quilting on back of star quilt.

Quilted with meander stars.
Patriotic sampler.
Love this bright star quilt!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

End of 2014

Wowzers.  The year is almost over.  I can hardly believe it!  So many creative, crafty things this year, it's just hard to keep up.  But I'm still here!  Inspiration comes and goes, as any artist knows, but that is the creative process.

I have about a zillion photos of what's been happening.  So here are a few...

These are only a few of the comfort quilts that I have worked on.  Our guild does such an amazing job making these comfort quilts, all from volunteers, and donating them to foster kids, hospitals and fire stations in the are.

Close up of flower pattern on back.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Finished Projects

Finishing projects feels so good!  

Moda Challenge

Last night I finished the Moda Challenge that mom and I decided to do for February.  You had to purchase a packet of 44, 2 1/2 inch Moda squares at our local fabric store:  Country Cloth.  The challenge was to use all 44 pieces on the front of the item.  Mom and I are delivering our entries by the 31st and they will hang in the shop for the month of February.  Customers will be able to vote on the entries all month, and the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the store.  Sweet!  Mom already had hers done, so I had to finish mine quickly.  

The inspiration for my piece was actually from the book 'Design, Create, Quilt' by Rosie Hughs that I purchased at the same store.  I've never attempted 'couching' (the technique of sewing the yarn around the edges of the applique piece).  I love the effect!  It's called "Tree of Life".  Mom used a black background and cut some of the squares into circles to make a flower pot.  The remaining squares she used in the border.

We're both taking our finished pieces to quilters on Monday to lobby for votes.  Can't hurt!

Close up of the couching.

Kitty Kat Bag

I had made four of these Kitty Kat bags in purple for four girls in my life for Christmas.  I know that I took pictures of them, but can't for the life of me find those photos.  Anyway, I gave one to my cousin's daughter and she loved it.  Everyone loved it!  In fact her grandma asked to buy one from me in pinks for a friend's daughter.  I just finished it today!

Moses had to get her tail in there on the last picture!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Memory Quilts

I was approached toward the end of last year with the idea of making two memory quilts.  These quilts would be made with the father's favorite Hawaiian print shirts.  The father had passed on and the mother wanted two of these memory quilts made for their two daughters.

This is such a fabulous idea!  I worked with the woman for quite awhile on pattern, design and color.  We decided on the Turning Twenty pattern for the two quilts.  I like that this pattern uses large sections of the fabric and really showcased the Hawaiian prints.  I added a sashing between the blocks, which you usually don't see in the Turning Twenty pattern, but it really showed of the prints better.  She also added two dresses of her own with Hawaiian prints as well.  Taking my suggestions, she incorporated several different cottons for the final pieces.

These were completed in time for Christmas gifts for the girls.  They loved them and have a very special memto of their father now.

One of the quilts had a more purple theme.

Close up of wave quilting.

The second quilt was more in blues.
Close up of blue quilt back.

I was able to add a pocket from the shirts into each of the quilts.
Back of purple quilt.

I also made custom quilt labels for the memory quilts.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Binding Project Number 6 & 7

Binding, binding, binding!  It's a good thing that I love hand word.  More binding projects from Mom that were pieced from the fiber artists in San Francisco.

Love this one with the stripes and circles.  Or is is bubbles?

The art quilt binding on the back blends right in with the fabric.

Close up of bubbles!

This reminded me of a beach scene with water and sand.
Close up of binding.