Saturday, March 17, 2018

Do you undervalue yourself as an artist?

I think most of us do.  I recently ran across this saying:

I would like to think that's true, but I'm not so sure.  People seem to always be looking for a bargain or wanting something at a discount.  When it comes to hand crafted items or original art, that saddens me.  

I you are looking for someone to quilt something for you cheap and fast, don't come to me.  My time is valuable and my creative skills are worth more than that.  If you are looking for a portrait done while you wait, that's just not going to happen.  Creativity isn't measure in dollars or hours, but in inspiration.

How do you price your services or creations?

Friday, March 9, 2018

New Paintings

Just finished two versions of Georgia O'Keefe's Black Iris.  One is on a white gessoed canvas and the mirror image is on a black gessoed canvas.

I'm loving rotating them and seeing the different ways they connect.

See the mushroom in this one?!

This one looked like a shy owl to me.

And Angry owl.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I get to paint today!

I always wake up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and think, "I get to paint today!"

I need the motivation and disciple of going to a class to find the time to paint.  I'm the same way with yoga.  Our little fitness club closed and I literally haven't done yoga since.  There are too many distractions at home!

I did end up leaving the two Georgia O'Keefe Black Iris paintings in class today.  In the window this time and NOT on the floor!  If they are messed up again when I come into class on Thursday, I am not going to be happy.

Worked on the Klimt Golden Tears today.  Got it mostly where I want it before I add the gold leaf. 

Then I did the back ground for the large Monet Water Lilies piece I'm doing next.  It will be, by far, the biggest painting that I've done. 


Photos will be coming shortly!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snow Day

Although it's actually raining out right now.....It's supposed to snow again later today and all day tomorrow, so teenager stayed home.

I just put the second coat of white gesso on a large-ish canvas that I got at the thrift store for free. 

Stretched canvas is so expensive so I talked with the owner/manager of our local thrift store.  He frequently has canvases that he can't sell, so I periodically check in with him to see what he can give me.  :)

There has been one that I actually didn't gesso and paint over.  I really liked it and it's currently hanging over my TV. 

It makes me wonder who painted it and how it ended up in the thrift store.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Not Happy

Brought a large custom canvas to art yesterday that I found at a thrift store.  I'm contemplating Monet's Water Lilies on it.

I was all excited to start on that when I walked in to class and noticed my two Georgia O'Keefe Black Iris paintings had something splattered all over them!


Seriously.  It's not like my work was a masterpiece but it was MY work.  And I don't want it trashed.

So I set them both up on my table easels, practically in tears, to attempt to fix them as best I could.  The teacher wasn't as upset as I though she should have been.  Basically she told me a story of a painting of some one's that she inadvertently messed up and then proceeded to tell me that it's not a great room to have art around (even though she puts every one's paintings around the class).  WTF, again?!  The room is shared with the ceramics people.  The teacher thinks it was the person who mops the floors.


I just said that I won't be keeping my art out in that room any longer.  Which kind of sucks.  I was enjoying having my art out and having my friend who takes the ceramics class attempt to guess which one was mine.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


I got it done! 

I was racing to get two quilts done by today as there's a big storm coming in tomorrow and then another a day later.  Supposedly it's going to snow down to 2000.  Here at 4500 feet elevation, we're supposed to get several feet of snow.

Getting those two quilts finished, and delivered, is a relief.  Particularly because I'm already stressing about the car situation, or lack there of.  It's going to be a busy week and we may possibly be staying home with these storms.  I have art class Tuesday and Thursday and a portfolio review on Thursday.  Kids to get to school.  One kid has two doctor appointments and a haircut scheduled for next week.  Quilters guild meeting on Monday.  Zentastics get together on Friday.  And I'm going out of town for a party Friday night.

Whew!   Definitely don't need the car stress or anxiety of getting around in the snow right now.  But I do love the snow (i love the snow, i love the snow, i love the snow).  I just have no confidence driving in the snow and ice after my accidents.  Plus the fact that my car isn't running well and really needs tires.


I'm going to keep saying it:  I love the snow, I love the snow!

And if I need to, everything else can be put on hold and we'll just hang out at home.  And be safe.

I could use a couple of days to sew, knit, crochet, read, draw, Zentangle, cook. 

No problem!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cold Studio

Sometimes it's hard for me to get motivated to be in my studio because it's so cold down there.

I turned the one car garage into my art studio with all of my fabric, long arm, several other domestic machines plus a serger, my paints, easel, art books and art supplies.  But it's chilly down there these days!  It was 18 degrees out this morning and got up to about 28.  Brrrrrrr......

Almost finished the mirror image Georgia O'Keefe Black Iris paintings in class today.  The circles are just different enough that it bothers me, so I'm going to fix that on Thursday along with one corner.

The next painting I'm doing is going to be Klimt's Golden Tears.  I did a chalk pastel drawing of this already.  I'm planning on adding the gold leaf detail as well.